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Import jobs and provide your production workers with efficient data capture mechanisms assigned to each job.

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Going paperless manufacturing

Job Manager

First things first: start your journey by replacing magnetic bulletin boards used to track work queues on the shop floor with a simple digital dashboard that can be displayed on a screen. Let your people filter jobs per user and workstation, select the active job and interact with Ancora to start, pause, resume or finish a job.



Your team typically collects per job a set of manufacturing documents including manuals, part lists, drawings, and other supporting technical writings.  Let Ancora import that “job package” together with the job in digital format. When the operator selects a job or a task, the documentation can be opened with the integrated PDF reader tool.


Digital checklists

With Ancora, any control sheet or any inspection checklist assigned to a job can be imported along with the job and presented to the operator on a portable device or a workstation screen. Because Ancora instantly transfers the data to your back-end systems, you can easily track real-time progress and have your control systems raise the alarm when needed.


Issue Management

Ancora can make handling incidents fast and simple for you. Your workforce enters critical information into digital forms, possibly attaching photos or additional evidence and Ancora automatically passes it through to your alert systems by hooking up with your ERP, your MES, or your control platform.


Voice-enabled input

Speech Is 3xFaster than Typing. But it also lets you overcome situational challenges that prevent industrial workers from typing comfortably:
Operator’s hands are busy (being guided through a task, manipulating a machine-tool, holding a part, taking manual measures…)

BEYOND the MOBILE scenario

“Follow me”

Sure enough, Ancora delivers a version for mobile devices. But moreover, Ancora has developed a patented multi-screen solution called “Follow me” that allows the operator to switch to a different screen, be it a larger or a more convenient one, and resume his interaction from where he left. Thus, Ancora can “follow” an operator from screen to screen.

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