Ancora® Worker Connect

Ancora® Worker Connect

Ancora® Worker Connect (AWC) equips your frontline teams with multimodal interfaces and conversational AI to streamline the collection of information and knowledge.

While AWC can operate standalone, it rises to its full potential when integrated with your ERP platform or line-of-business software to connect your teams with your backend systems and ensure a better end-to-end execution of operations.

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Shorter frontline operation cycles with faster data capture powered by AI

Complete instructions, forms, checklists and audits across multiple functional areas with the same user interface. 
Remove the hidden cost of toggling between applications to execute frontline workflows.

Quality Management Operations

Shorter labor-intensive validation cycles to increase teams and line throughput

Preventive Maintenance Operations

More efficient technician processes to release assets sooner

Manual Assembly Operations

Flexible combinations of voice guided instructions and data capture for more productivity

Production Control Operations

Non-automated shopfloor reporting made easier and more integrated

Seamless execution from the ERP and back-end systems to the front-line

  • Configure Ancora® Worker Connect (AWC) to be the glue between your backend systems and your desk-less workers
  • Let AWC fetch and adapt work orders from multiple applications to your workforce screens and then submit their input into the same or other systems.
  • Roll-out AWC to bridge the useability gap of office applications on the shop-floor
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Why Ancora® Worker Connect (AWC) stands out


Hands and eyes on the job. AWC's voice channel frees up a worker's hands so they can manipulate a piece or inspect amachine while taking and recording measurements. Advanced algorithms to convert spoken language into textual form.

Multi-modal AI

AWC's multimodality integrates vision, touch and voice tofacilitate reporting, andcut back the time needed forinspections.

Conversational AI

AWC incorporates sophisticated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) techniques that analyze user intent and application context to translate user inputs into voice commands and subsequently formulate back proper responses.

Noise robust

Smart audio interpretation to identify unexpected and expected ambient noises. In many scenarios AWC operates even without the need for noise canceling devices.

Commercial grade devices

AWC runs in both industry and commercial grade devices.

Native Android App

Native applications are faster, more flexible, and more interactive than Web Apps. Plus, they can also work offline.

Getting your ROI


reduced downtime


faster inspections


workforce adoption

See how Ancora can assist your workforce in doing more with less effort

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