About Us

We create human-centered technology to enhance our skills

In an increasingly digital society, technology must adapt to the human factor. Ancora's purpose is to let technology serve people and improve how we relate to the world.

Creating a more human technology starts with how we are...

Values and attitudes that define people at Ancora

Be honest.
With everyone, everything and with yourself.

Pursue excellence.
On everything you do.

Own up to mistakes.
It's a step forward to learning.

Appreciate people around you.
Colleagues, customers, partners and everyone else.

Celebrate diversity.
Difference brings value.

Mind your ride.
It's going to be hard, but that doesn't mean it has to be painful.

... and with who we are

The people of Ancora

Photo of Alexandre Bastos
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Alexandre Bastos


Photo of Felipe Gil Castiñeria
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PhD Felipe Gil


Portrait of Ancora's CMO, María de la Fuente
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María de la Fuente


Photo of Diego Celix
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Diego Celix

Lead Developer

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PhD Javier Castaño


Photo of Daniel Pérez
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Daniel Pérez

Android Engineer

Photo of Alexei Belikov
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Alexei Belikov

Android & NLU Engineer

Photo of Olaia Ferrando
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Olaia Ferrando

Product Designer

Portrait of Alberto Estévez, Backend Developer.
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Alberto Estévez

Backend Developer

Portrait of Ángel Costas, Android Developer
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Ángel Costas

Android Developer

Rubén Cabaleiro, QA & Testing Technician
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Rubén Cabaleiro

QA Developer

Portrait of Almudena Iglesias, Administration and Finance Manager
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Almudena Iglesias

Administration & Finance

Do you want to work with us?

At Ancora, we are looking for people who relate to our philosophy and want to join our team to promote "digital human augmentation". If our values resonate with you, send your application to people@ancoramobile.com

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