Voice-AI inspections for world class OEE

Empower your front-line staff with Ancora® Worker Connect to speed up inspection processes and shorten manufacturing downtime.

Digital transformation over and above paperless.

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Conduct inspections up to 5 times faster and reduce production downtime by up to 20%

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Reduce Downtime

Mitigate production stoppages and throughput losses caused by  inefficient product or machine inspection processes and understaffed teams.

Improve Labor Productivity

Do more with less effort. Ancora simplifies tedious, repetitive and time consuming tasks, releasing technicians to engage in higher value added operations.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Ancora blends the operational framework with the abilities and preferences of the factory workers to provide them with best user experience and encourage adoption.


reduced downtime


faster inspections


workforce adoption

Product image showing how to use our extended screen solution.

Industrial workers capture information quickly and efficiently with Ancora® Worker Connect

Ancora delivers at its best supporting workers in executing manual processes, such as any form of data collection, for which reducing handling times leads to both better staff and equipment productivity:

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Manual Assembly
  • Production Control
  • Precentive Maintenance
  • Safety and more
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Redefine the way shop-floor inspection assignments are performed

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Enjoy faster turnaround of inspection tasks with Ancora® Worker Connect (AWC) workflow-aware tools. Release your front-line workers and your assets sooner.


With AWC’s multimodal interface your workforce is able to quickly complete forms, checklists and audits.


Get started in no time. Ancora® Worker Connect is a human-centered design, easy to learn and easy to use.

Why Ancora® Worker Connect (AWC) stands out


Hands and eyes on the job. AWC's voice channel frees up a worker's hands so they can manipulate a piece or inspect a machine while taking and recording measurements.

Multi-modal AI

AWC's smart multimodality integrates the visual, tactile and conversational channels to facilitate reporting, and cut back the time needed for inspections.

Noise robust

In many scenarios AWC operates even without the need for noise canceling devices.

Native Android App

Native applications are faster, more flexible, and more interactive than Web Apps. Plus, they can also work offline.

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Complement your back-end business systems with a user front-end built for the industry

  • Connect Ancora® WC to your current ERP, MES, CMMS or automation system to pull in work orders, forms, checklists, and more
  • Feed your Bussiness Intelligence tool of choice - PowerBI,Tableau, Qlick or others - in real time with data manually captured and enriched with Ancora® WC
  • Configure Ancora® WC to channel inbound and outbound communication flows between your teams and any of your enterprise software systems concurrently
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