The voice enabled software that powers shop floor workers

Capture shop floor data directly into your existing manufacturing systems to keep the line running.
Easy. Fast. Smart.

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Help your operators help you

Make it easy for your workforce to feed real-time data right into your management systems with a self-explanatory and truly ergonomic user interface.

Modular Application Suite

Pick just the tools you need

Customize Ancora to best suit your shop floor data collection objectives. Assign jobs imported from your ERP system to your operators and select the tools you need to complete and document each job and react to disruptive events.

Job Management

Digital Checklists

Issue management

Digital Documentation

Designed to fit in

Integrate Ancora with your systems

Connect your existing manufacturing systems to Ancora and let it be your operator assistant. Plus, you do not have to deal with yet-another-dashboard and overlapping applications.

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Choose your preferred deployment

We understand your company's needs are unique. Whether on-premises or cloud, Ancora delivers a consistent experience and gives you the security you need to scale up your operations.

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Increase real-time visibility
throughout the manufacturing process to raise productivity

For Manufacturers

Your plant workers are a priceless window into your operations.

For OEMs

Help your customers streamline their workflow.

Our References

Ancora is a Bind 4.0 6th Edition Alumni
In 2023, Ancora was included in the 4YFN Top 50 Startups
Ancora is a Spin-off of the University of Vigo
Ancora is a member of the Galician Automotive Cluster Foundation (CEAGA)
Ancora was part of the Business Factory Auto Acceleration & Consolidation Programme
Ancora is member of AFM, Spain's Advanced Manufacturing Cluster.
Ancora collaborates with the Research Center for Telecommunication Technologies from Universidade de Vigo


According to a Stanford study “Speech is 2.9 times faster than typing” and “Speech makes fewer errors during entry”

From Comparing Speech and Keyboard Text Entry for Short Messages in Two Languages on Touchscreen Phones.
Ruan, S. Stanford University

Bringing voice to the forefront

Take advantage of Ancora voice recognition for communication speed and ergonomics

Opt for voice interface. Beyond the fact that speaking is faster than typing, you are probably facing scenarios where the voice interface can make up for the operator’s hands being busy manipulating a machine-tool, holding a part, or taking manual measures.

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