Your mobile experience beyond the smartphone

Your mobile experience beyond the smartphone

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We create a new virtual interface for your mobile app, enabling new interactions beyond the smartphone.

Smartphones are great tools at work, but they do not adapt into every task. Using Ancora, your mobile apps can create and deliver enriched user experiences, casting the interaction from the smartphone to any other neighbouring device and building distributed interactions across them.

Extended interaction


Capture the user interaction from multiple devices for an enhanced HMI.

Adapted visualization


Display the information adjusting the size, layout and look and feel to the context.

Eased workflows


Strengthen the integration of the smartphone into your workflows in mobility for more fluid operations.

Assured Data Protection

Assured Data

Keep your private data safe inside the smartphone while interaction happens elsewhere.

Field workers

Ease mobility workflows

Ancora simplifies mobility workflows for workers by enabling smartphones as industrial-grade devices with job specific apps.

At renewable energy plants and at the factory floor, workers can use rugged displays next to an Ancora powered smartphone to complete their tasks or fill the required information on real time.

Mobile office

Integrate the smartphone

We improve mobile productivity of workers at minimal cost, enabling them to use the corporate mobile apps both on-the-go and on the desktop, but avoiding additional multi-platform software expenses.

Managers can rely on Ancora to ease digital transformation, providing frictionless access to spreadsheets, customer management or any other mobile app when working.

Sales associates

Enhance customer experience

Mobile workers at the Connected Store can use Ancora to deliver enhanced customer experiences from smartphones.

Using mobile devices securely connected to corporate services, sales associates can be equipped to see relevant data at any point of the store in real-time. Using Ancora, they can transform this data into personalized shopping experiences, thus increasing conversion.


Ancora is delivered as an SDK for developers and solution integrators. By adding our library to mobile apps, they gain full control over the new virtual interface and can create new interactions adapted to the workflow.

Desktop app

Use your preferred mobile apps from any computer with Ancora.

Download now our full featured application to keep working on desktop while using your smartphone.

Increase your productivity with managed notifications, phone calls from computer*, file and photo transfer and much more.

* Coming soon

Mobile app

Enable Ancora in your smartphone with our mobile app and connect it to the Ancora desktop application with our wizard.

Find Ancora compatible apps in our marketplace or use Ancora with your preferred mobile service*.

Install the Ancora app now from Google Play* on any compatible smartphone!

* Coming soon


Get the Ancora Software Development Kit now and in less than 30 minutes you will enjoy using your mobile app in any computer.

Our SDK includes all the needed components to develop using Ancora:

- The library to add into your mobile apps.
- The launcher app for the smartphone.
- Agents for different target OS.
- Examples and testing applications.

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Ancora is a spin-off at seed stage launched by an experienced team of founders together with a strong technical team and an awesome group of advisors, and funded by the Galician Innovation Agency.

Alexandre Bastos

Alexandre Bastos

Felipe Gil

Felipe Gil

Diego Celix

Diego Celix

Lead Developer
Javier Castaño

Javier Castaño

Iván Rodríguez

Iván Rodríguez

Senior Developer / UX Analyst
Alexei Belikov

Alexei Belikov

Android Developer
Daniel Pérez

Daniel Pérez

Android Developer