Integrable data capture with optional speech interface

Ancora raises productivity on your shopfloor by delivering operator-centric solutions that simplify reporting and facilitate collaboration.

Digital transformation made easy for your people

Ancora is all about aiding and connecting your factory workforce with your control systems in the most ergonomic and seamless way possible to improve overall shopfloor performance.


Feeding operators’ reports, inspections, timesheets, or alerts to the right place in your management systems in real-time to streamline operations.


Shopfloor data collection is made agile for your employees. Multi-modal, voice-enabled, multi-screen, mobile.


Designed to complement your management systems so you only install the Ancora functions you need.

Easy to deploy

Easy integration with your ERP, MES, MOM, or production software of choice.

Easy to learn

Intuitive interface constantly improved by UX experts makes it easy to learn and easy to operate.


Hands-free operation to overcome a myriad of situational challenges for your workshop employees.

Intuitive data gathering

How Ancora works

Product image that shows the worker buffer: the list of jobs a worker has to perform.

Home dashboard screen lists imported job queues filtered by operator and workstation. Select or pause the active job.

Product image with our worker dashboard solution.

Active job dashboard displays tools available: they allow you to import documentation, checklists, or inspections along with each job.

Product image showing how to use our extended screen solution.

Say good-bye to inefficient paper piles. Let Ancora collect data entered by your teams by typing or through voice.

See what Ancora can do for you

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